October 8, 2016


Seek Compact Thermal Camera


- Good quality pictures

- High resolution


- Glitchy operating system

- Short battery life


Overall Rating

Imaging 70%
Thermal Precision 80%
Battery Life 89%
Additional Features 83%

Seek imager is offering something you couldn’t imagine owning just a few years ago. This kind of technology was meant for military and other professional use. Nowadays, with the rise of the modern technology, every smartphone user can own a thermal imager for an affordable price.

The real-world use of this product is great. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or you simply feel the need to own a thermal imager, this product is the real deal. It can come in handy if you need to detect any leaks, heat escape from windows and doors, and more.


Field of view: 36 degrees

Object detection: 1000 feet (305 meters)

Detection range: -40F to 660F (-40C to 350C)

Thermal sensor: 206x156 (32000 thermal pixels)

Compatibility: Android and iOS

Waterproof carrying case

Works by day and night

The 36 degrees field of view is excellent. It’s more than enough to cover the whole thing you want to inspect or capture. The manufacturer claims that this product can detect objects as far as 1000 feet away. The detection range is quite good, in fact, it’s better than in the most other thermal images on the market at the moment, in the same price range. The camera itself uses about thirty-two thousand thermal pixels to produce the pictures. It also allows vision in complete darkness.

It’s also quite simple to use. All you need to do is plug it in your smartphone, open the application and you’re ready to go. The application also offers the ability to add a laser thermometer reading.

Seek Compact Review




The device is very straightforward and effective. It’s also quite user-friendly. There are no complicated operations, no unnecessary buttons, and no redundant menus. Plug it in, run the application, and you are ready to detect thermal leaks, overheating pipes, and more.

The battery issue is non-existent. Considering it draws power from your device, you won’t have to worry about charging it individually. It’s also well-known for not using much power. The application is also pretty simple to use, and it can provide valuable information to many DIY-ers and allow them to gain considerable knowledge of their environment.


The image quality is underwhelming, which you might take into consideration if you’re planning to use this product professionally. The application doesn’t allow you to send several images at once. Instead, you have to send them one-by-one. Sending material like this is not a significant downside, but if you have a lot of pictures you want to send, you might encounter this issue.

It’s also crucial for you to hold your hand still for several seconds before you snap a picture. The pictures Seek Compact makes tend to be blurry and often indistinguishable, so be sure to let the camera set the focus right before you take a picture. Some people may find the price to be a bit high, but the versatility makes up for it. All in all, this is a great product for enthusiasts who need to do thermal readings.