October 8, 2016


Flir TG165 Spot Thermal Camera Review


- Turns on quickly

- No manual focusing

- Comfortable and compact grip

- No delays in calibration

- Simple for use

- Water resistant

- Can fit in any bag


- No integrated visual camera

- Only two color palettes

- No MSX visual contrast enhancement feature


Overall Rating

Imaging 96%
Thermal Precision 93%
Battery Life 95%
Additional Features 90%

This product is the first imaging IR thermometer FLIR has ever produced. It is not a simple thermal imaging tool. It also produces high-quality images which can help you determine the issue that’s bothering you. These products are usually used to detect certain thermal flaws in your household, for example, thermal energy loss near the windows. With FLIR TG165 you can accurately pinpoint the area of interests because of the FLIR’s new Lepton micro thermal camera technology. FLIR offers a broad range of different thermal imaging devices, and they’re probably the most famous company in the business. So, if you take their reputation into consideration, you shouldn’t be worried about the quality of the product.

How does it work?

As with every other heat imaging device, this one works by capturing the infrared light that is emitted by our surroundings. The amount of energy emitted by an object depends on how hot it is. An IR thermometer will give you a non-contact thermal reading while the thermal imaging device shows the relative heat properties of an object. FLIR TG165 combines these two readings and creates a perfect picture.

The specifications:

Infrared resolution: 80 x 60-pixel (4800 pixels)

Thermal imaging sensitivity: 150 K

Temperature range: -25 to 380 degrees Celsius (-13 to 76F)

Response time: 150ms response time

Temperature sensor spot size: 24:1-IR

Battery type: Built-in rechargeable battery

Display: 2 inch LCD

Frame rate: 9 Hz

Battery life: 8 hours

SD card compatibility

FLIR TG165 is not like the other readers. It has unique features, and it’s a must-have for electricians, contractors, mechanics, and DIYs. It doesn’t only tell you the temperature of the object; it shows it to you as well. That feature is what sets apart this product from other thermal cameras on the market. You may consider this device as a combination of a thermal imager and an infrared thermometer.

This product features a dual laser targeting system, which can assist you with aiming. The precision is much greater with the dual laser targeting system on. Also, there is no camera to show you the non-thermal contrast of what you’re aiming at.

The spot ratio of 24:1 means that it measures the temperature of a spot 1 inch in diameter at a distance of 24 inches. The optimal lengths for the dual laser targeting system are 36 inches and beyond to indicate the area you’re measuring.

As you can see, there aren’t many disadvantages. Although there are only three or four, but, FLIR TG165 compensates with other great features.


It is compact, light, and well-built. You can use this product for professional purposes as well. It provides more insightful and detailed temperature measurements than IR thermometers. The price-to-quality ratio is quite good. It’s an affordable product, worth every penny. Many people have had positive experiences with this product, and the vast majority of them are recommending it. If you, however, want an even better product, be prepared to pay a hefty price.