October 8, 2016



- Good quality pictures

- High resolution


- Glitchy operating system

- Short battery life


Overall Rating

Imaging 80%
Thermal Precision 75%
Battery Life 81%
Additional Features 76%

The Flir One thermal camera is an accessory for your smartphone. It comes in handy when you want to determine the source of a, for example, an overheating component in your PC or even installations in your house. The effort invested in the production of this thermal camera is extraordinary. This product has two cameras instead of the usual one. One camera is the thermal camera, and the other is a regular digital camera. Flir One takes two pictures at once and then merges them to create a high-quality picture.

Flir One specifications:

Temperature range: 20C to 120C

Operating temperature: 0C to 35C

Weight: 29g (one ounce)

Dimensions: 2.8 x 1 x 0.7 (in) / 72mm x 26mm x 18mm

Battery capacity: 350mAh

Sensitivity: Detects the differences as small as 0.1 degrees Celsius

Compatibility: Android and iOS

The temperature range is quite good. If you’re not planning to work with temperatures above 120 degrees Celsius, you’ll have no trouble with the temperature range. Also, this temperature range is quite common in modern thermal imagers. If you, however, plan to buy a thermal imager for something more serious like industrial use, consider buying a high-end thermal camera.

Operating temperature isn’t an important parameter. Although if you live in the desert, avoid using this product in the sunlight or high temperatures because you might get false readings.

The weight and the dimensions are pretty good. This product is compact and useful; it fits everywhere because of its size. The battery capacity is mediocre. Keep in mind; this product does not use the battery from the device it’s connected to. It has a separate battery. The sensitivity is satisfactory.

The compatibility is something you should pay attention to. This product is compatible with Android as well as iOS devices. Whether you have a Samsung Galaxy or iPhone, it doesn’t matter, just plug in the Flir One, and you’re ready to go!



Another useful feature of this product is that it has a time lapse photo setting. You can program it to your desired criteria and then save it to your device as a movie image.


The resolution is excellent. The picture quality is top-notch. Flir One makes good-quality pictures because it has two cameras. One is a conventional imaging camera and the other is a thermal camera. By merging these two images together, Flir One produces a high-quality image with distinguishable outlines and clean shapes.

High resolution can provide significant advantages. If you have a thermal leak in your home but you’re not able to determine which pipe is leaking exactly, this product is the right thing for you. The amount of details in one picture is more than enough to pinpoint the cause of the leak.


This product needs to be charged up before you use it. The software and the operating system in the product tend to be glitchy. Sometimes it has problems loading, and not recognizing the device it’s connected to. The majority of these issues can be solved with a simple reboot.