October 8, 2016




- Wi-Fi allows you to share the material with your coworkers

- Excellent thermal sensitivity

- Great image quality and precision

- Voice and text annotation come in handy


- There is no auto-focus feature

- The software sometimes tends to be buggy


Overall Rating

Imaging 100%
Thermal Precision 99%
Battery Life 98%
Additional Features 99%

The FLIR E50 is a delicate modern point-and-shoot infrared camera that combines performance and value with heat imaging. This device can detect any flaws in the electrical, mechanical, or building projects. The best thing about this device is that it’s quite easy to use. You don’t need previous training or experience with heat cameras. You just pick it out of the box, point at the area you want to measure, and that’s it. Although it’s easy to use, don’t let that fool you, it’s a complicated piece of equipment. And it’s also quite pricey.

The specifications:

Infrared resolution: 320 x 240-pixels resolution (76800 pixels)

Thermal sensitivity: 0.05 degrees Celsius

Temperature range: -20 up to 650 degrees Celsius ( -4 to 1202F)

Zoom: 4x zoom, manual focus

Built-in laser pointer

3.5 inch LCD

3.1 megapixel camera with flash

Meterlink Bluetooth wireless communication

Image sharing, video streaming, thumbnail image gallery

Micro SD compatibility

The resolution of the thermal camera is impressive. This product can be used for industrial and professional purposes as well. The wide temperature range offers extensive capabilities. Usually, heat cameras have the range up to 480F; this product measures temperature up to 1200F!

The great thermal sensitivity and a 2% margin of error guarantee precise and detailed readings. Some of the features this device offers include rechargeable batteries, fast readings, high accuracy, quick reports via FLIR Tools software, and more. Default memory storage is also quite good. It can hold up to 500 sets of images in the internal memory. Battery duration is around four hours, and it weighs around 1.2lbs (0.57kg).

The device has a bright LCD with distinguishable options and intuitive interface. You can use the touchscreen to control three box areas and three movable spots which allow you to gather more detailed information. The annotation feature allows the user to add voice notes and comments via Bluetooth headset.

We liked this product, so the list of advantages and disadvantages isn’t that long. However, there are few key points you need to consider before buying this instrument.


An excellent thermal sensitivity is crucial for accurate measurements. Sensitivity in thermal imaging is the ability to detect subtle differences in temperature. This device can distinguish differences of 0.05 degrees Celsius, which is quite good. Additionally, the E50 offers the second-best temperature range available. It significantly outclasses the low-end models which measure up to 480F. There is one class of thermal cameras above E50 which measures up to 2200F.

The E-Series touchscreen provides an intuitive interface that takes full advantage of the entire 3.5-inch display for easy access to diagnostics tools, measurements, and other data. You can also measure more than temperature. You can send data via Bluetooth from the compatible clamp and moisture meters directly to E-Series cameras to embed information into thermal images as you capture them.

All in all, this product is a sophisticated piece of equipment. Any individual that uses thermal cameras in their profession should consider opting for this product. The quality of production is top-notch; FLIR has the reputation of being among the best on the market. The FLIR E50 will help you find any thermal anomalies and prevent more damage.